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Stuck in the same job for years? Co-workers are not your people? Explore your options and focus on what really matters.

Ctas provide a range of services for individual clients from career development, to career progression and career redirection. Our passion lies in developing people and supporting individuals through change and challenging times. 

Ctas provide Career Support Services including occupational/personality profiling, career planning, coaching for personal development, CV & interview skills preparation.

An employer takes approximately 30 seconds to scan your C.V and make a judgment on whether you are what they are looking for in a prospective employer. The importance of a well put together C.V is crucial in improving your employment prospects. With employers receiving more C.Vs than ever how can you stand out and create impact that will see you through to interview stage?

CTAS  can help you with:

Creating a professional C.V and Cover Letter that will help you with that all important first impression.

We offer a service that maximizes your chances of getting a job by helping you stand out from the competition. We can tailor your C.V to a specific job as well as assist in a master C.V.

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