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Advocacy is a means of empowering people by supporting them to…

Professional representation at and preparation for third party hearings…

Best practise advice and tailored documentation to assist our clients with their human resource needs…

Mediation is improving relationships between individuals…

Stuck in the same job for years? Co-workers are not your people? Explore your options and focus on what really matters….

High quality, reliable translation & interpreting services in a variety of subject areas…

Explore the challenges of intercultural communication in a fast growing culturally diverse workforce…

English – Polish, Polish – English timely and accurate advice, support and training on a comprehensive range of topics…

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The truly scarce resources now are the time, the talent, and the energy of the people in your organization

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Ctas is the complete service I was looking for. They found answers to all my questions. For the past few months I have used their services on a regular basis seeking professional advice. Matters are resolved effectively and quickly, with a friendly approach. There is flexibility and an in depth understanding of the matters of SME. For these reasons I would recommend Ctas.

M.H., December 2012 Co Galway
Business support

The owner of CTAS is the right person in the right place and has shown utmost professionalism, commitment and dedication to my case. The director of CTAS is an extremely intelligent person who has the ability to put facts together in a logical way. This combined with in-depth knowledge and competency allows for goals to be achieved. I strongly and highly recommend CTAS, because it provides professional help on the highest level, commitment to the matter, reliable and friendly attitude to the client.


Services provided by Ctas are reliable, constructive and trustworthy. In my opinion, they represent the highest standard. I would strongly recommend Ctas, because using their services one can save time, receive professional advice, assistance and solve problems we wouldn’t be able to solve otherwise. Thank you once again.

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