Mediation and Conflict Resolution

Barbara Lesniak, our founding partner, is a trusted and skilful Mediator who brings together global Advocacy, Employment law and Mediation expertise. She has unique international academic qualifications and work experience. She holds LL.M (Masters of Law) from National University of Ireland, Galway and Warsaw University. She also has qualifications in Employment law, Human Resources and Mediation.  

Barbara is the only English- Polish speaking certified mediator in Ireland certified by the Mediators’ Institute of Ireland. She strongly believes that mediation is an important way forward in the way we resolve disputes in all areas of our lives, whether they are personal or professional.

Barbara also believes that mediation is extremely beneficial in protecting relationships and has seen first hand how mediation has helped those relationships to continue in a positive and respectful manner into the future.

Conflict in the workplace is a  reality

Mediation has become the preferred method of Alternative Dispute Resolution (ADR) in Ireland and throughout many other jurisdictions. Mediation is a long established method of resolving disputes between parties without the need to go to court. It is a voluntary process that allows the parties in dispute the opportunity to address and resolve their issues in a confidential and private environment. It can be a quick process and is also cost effective for the parties involved in the dispute. 

All societies, organisations and interpersonal relationship experience conflict but disputes are not inherently destined to follow a negative course. Conflict can lead to growth and be productive for those who are involved. We are here to help you to develop effective procedures and deal with the psychological barriers to settlement.

Over the past decade there has been a significant increase in employment rights legislation, providing additional avenues for employees to seek recourse through formal channels. People are also now more aware of their rights at work. This expanded legal framework means that, if employers do not manage conflict effectively, the consequences can be serious.

Why does conflict happen? 

Conflict is an inherent part of the employment relationship. Modern organisations are dynamic and complex, made up of people with increasingly diverse backgrounds, opinions, values and expectations about work. For their part, organisations are under ever-increasing pressure to be productive or deliver quality services to clients. The continuous change experienced by many organisations can also lead to conflict.

Mediation –  The business benefits

According to the 2008 CIPD survey on workplace mediation, the main benefit in using mediation is improving relationships between individuals, cited by 83% of respondents. 

Why  Mediation?

  • Increased productivity and better morale
  • Problem solving: Employment tribunals do not resolve systemic problems at work that may underlie an individual dispute
  • Improving relationship between individuals
  • Reducing or eliminating the stress involved in using more formal processes (71%)
  • Less legal action/ Mediation is a cheaper alternative to employment tribunal claim
  • Retaining valuable employees (63%)
  • Reducing the number of formal grievances raised (57%)
  • Developing an organisational culture that focuses on managing and developing people (55%)
  • Avoiding the cost of defending employment tribunal claims (49%)
  • Reducing sickness absence (33%)
  • Being able to maintain confidentiality (18%)
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