Founder and Principal of Ctas
Barbara Lesniak, founder of Ctas has been involved with varied and comprehensive human resource projects and has experience with SME’s and leading multi-nationals alike. She is involved in diverse industries such as: Education, Financial, Local government, Community and voluntary sector, Multinationals & Recruitment both in Ireland and Poland.

Professional Qualifications:

  • LL.M (Masters of Law) in International Human Rights Law, National University of Ireland, Galway
  • Master’s Degree, University of Warsaw, Poland
  • CIPD Certificate in Personnel Practice, National University of Ireland, Dublin
  • Employment Law Diploma, Western Management Centre, Galway
  • Health & Safety, WMC, Galway
  • Diploma in Training and Education, National University of Ireland, Galway
  • Certified Mediation Training, Institute of Public Administration, Dublin, Ireland

Barbara has an extensive advocacy experience on a broad range of public and social services both: in Ireland and Poland. Since 2009 she has worked for Citizens Information Service in Galway.

Qualifications in Advocacy:

  • Certificate in Information, Advice and Advocacy Practice and Social and Civil Information, FETAC, Citizens Information Board
  • Advocacy Practice Programme, Dublin Institute of Technology (DIT)

Barbara’s training, skills, background and commitment ensure Barbara’s status as a leading professional consultant in her field.

Barbara is also an Associate Member of the Chartered Institute of Personnel and Development. Her CIPD membership demonstrates the commitment from her company Ctas, to ensuring high standards of professionalism and best practice in HR and to continuing individual and corporate professional development.

Social responsibility
Since arriving in Galway in 2008, Barbara has successfully become an integral part of the development of the community and voluntary sector in the city. Not only has she held the role of Chairperson of the Galway Irish Polish Association (GIPA), she has also run and co- organised many community driven development projects in Galway City. These are aimed at enhancing social capital and cohesion and they have now become an integral part of the Galway community.

A City of Equals’ Integration Strategy Working Group
Barbara was a member of the Working Group, established by the Galway City Development Board in 2008, which developed the Galway City Integration Strategy ‘A City of Equals’. This created the vision of Galway city, in which everyone has a contribution to make to its future development.

The Working Group undertook an extensive City Engagement Framework in 2009 to establish the key issues, with regard to interculturalism, emerging for the people of Galway. This consultation involved a range of primary and secondary research models as well as public consultations, world café events and public submissions.

The document that was developed sets a framework for co-operation between all the city stakeholders, to create an Intercultural City through communicating, interacting and working together. Thus making Galway a more prosperous city and ensuring that people acknowledge and celebrate the difference of others.

The document was launched by – Mayor Hildegarde Naughton on the 20th October 2011. Galway City Intercultural Forum (GCIF)

For many years Barbara also contributed to the community as a member of the Steering Group for the (GCIF) Galway City Intercultural Forum. A formal platform for intercultural dialogue between local communities, seeking to increase the participation of ethnic minorities, in the development of Galway city.

Intercultural Festival & BBQ
Barbara has been a member of the Steering Group for the Galway annual Intercultural Festival and BBQ since it was set up in 2008. This Intercultural Festival and BBQ is Page 1 of 3 an annual event organised by Galway City Partnership, in collaboration with Galway Intercultural Forum. Last year’s festival attracted over 4,000 people.

It has been developed into a vibrant festival of barbequing, music and entertainment with cultural performances from people from all over the world, who are now living in Galway City. This festival celebrates cultural diversity and continuously promotes Galway as a ‘City of Equals’ and as a centre of multiculturalism and diversity throughout Europe. See here

Galway Irish Polish Association (GIPA)
Projects successfully run on behalf of Galway Irish Polish Association (GIPA):

  • Social and Legal Advice Clinic – This was created as an answer to the need that has existed within the newcomers to the city of Galway: for information concerning living in Ireland and many aspects of Irish and European law. Since its establishment in 2008/09 the Clinic has provided over 2000 free individual sessions: delivering advice concerning various aspects of Irish law, European Law, Human Rights, Employment legislation. This has helped to assist newcomers to the city, as they adjust to their new environment.
  • Adult Migrant English Programme – Free English classes to help newcomers to settle successfully in the city.
  • Polish Weekend School – Supported by Galway City Partnership this offered a complimentary weekend school for children who attended Irish schools. It was a unique project aimed at building social capital and cohesion to address not only the educational needs of the polish community, but also migrants’ health issues and offered free English classes for parents. This Polish Weekend School created the foundation for the first Polish school in the Galway and the West of Ireland. See here

For her volunteer work, Barbara was nominated for The Mayor’s Award 2008. This award celebrates voluntary activity in community life in the city.

Call Barbara at Ctas on 087 750 70 91 or reach us via Contact Form
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