I have become unemployed. My husband works part time. We have 2 school aged children, and have some savings. Am I entitled to a medical card for myself and my family?

Your eligibility for a medical card is based on your household income and family size. There are certain income disregards however.  If your husband is working over 19 hours per week and in receipt of Family Income Supplement this payment is not taken into account, neither is Child Benefit.

Your husband’s income from employment is subject to a means test, if you are in receipt of a jobseekers payment this too is assessed as income.  For your family size your income limit is 266.50 per week for yourself and your partner plus 38 euro for each of your children, if they are under 16.  Normally dependant spouses and children are covered by the medical card issued.

If you own your own home this does not affect your eligibility however any income from rental properties is assessed.  Mortgage payments and other reasonable expenses are allowed such as a portion of travel expenses to work.

Savings over 72,000 for a couple are assessed.

The means test is complicated and other factors are taken into account by the department when deciding on individuals and families entitlements.  If you have a change of circumstances and believe you might have an entitlement it is important that you apply.  If your income is above the limits for your situation you may be entitled to a GP visit card.

Please note the income limits and disregards vary depending on the family size and circumstances.

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