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Advocacy, Human Resources and Business Consultancy. We have been providing Advocacy, HR support and advice throughout Ireland for over 10 years.

We increase  

  • Legal compliance
  • Employee performance
  • Staff productivity
  • Workplace morale

We decrease 

  • Tribunal risk
  • Employee underperformance
  • Workplace stress
  • Time wastage

Our Culture 

We strive to be the number one Advocacy Consultancy nationwide and beyond that clients trust.

We strive to be the number one Advocacy Consultancy nationwide and beyond that clients trust.


We operate in a friendly yet professional approach.


We guarantee complete confidentiality to all our work.


We operate and maintain an environment of trust with all stakeholders.


We conduct work with professional integrity and transparency in all interactions.


Our team perform with a strong work ethic through self-management and positivity.

Meet Barbara Lesniak

Founder and Principal of Ctas

Ctas is managed by Barbara Lesniak who has over 10 years’ experience in providing Advocacy & HR Services to business throughout Ireland. Our strength lies in the diversity of our skills, international exposure and past experiences with many industry sectors within Ireland.

We provide bilingual Advocacy, HR services and Business solutions, adding real value to your business in particular in the area of : Human Resources Management, Training, Employment law compliance and Business Development.

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Specialist and effective Advocacy, human resources and business solutions for your organisation.
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Why Culture and Diversity  is Everybody's business

Human conflicts often stem from lack of adequate communication, tolerance and misunderstanding.

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Reduce miscommunication

Cross-cultural miscommunication most often stems from a lack of understanding of core cultural differences in communication styles, behaviour, body language, and world-views.

Attract talented people

Along with knowledge capital, organisational and human capital are the principal intangible assets used by companies in a wide range of sectors to establish competitive advantage and to create value.

Increase productivity

Culturally competent teams are more productive and innovative, leading to increased company profitability and market share.

Stimulate Innovation

Research on creativity and innovation has been consistent in showing the value of exposing individuals to experiences with multiple perspectives and world views.

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What People Say

Ctas is the complete service I was looking for. They found answers to all my questions. For the past few months I have used their services on a regular basis seeking professional advice. Matters are resolved effectively and quickly, with a friendly approach. There is flexibility and an in depth understanding of the matters of SME. For these reasons I would recommend Ctas.

M.H., December 2012 Co Galway
Business support

The owner of CTAS is the right person in the right place and has shown utmost professionalism, commitment and dedication to my case. The director of CTAS is an extremely intelligent person who has the ability to put facts together in a logical way. This combined with in-depth knowledge and competency allows for goals to be achieved. I strongly and highly recommend CTAS, because it provides professional help on the highest level, commitment to the matter, reliable and friendly attitude to the client.


Services provided by Ctas are reliable, constructive and trustworthy. In my opinion, they represent the highest standard. I would strongly recommend Ctas, because using their services one can save time, receive professional advice, assistance and solve problems we wouldn’t be able to solve otherwise. Thank you once again.


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Mediation or litigation

People are the key to organisational success. Negative conflict between individuals can severely hamper an organisation’s drive for competitive advantage…
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